From Seresin/Landfall Residency

This is a sampler of some poetry written during a six week residency at thew beautiful Waterfall Bay,
in the Marlborough Sounds of new Zealand, courtesy of Michael Seresin and Landfall Magazine’s annual residency programme.
The full sequence, which has been put aside for editing and revision, contains over forty poems at this stage. What a gift it is to be able to spend time completely devoted to writing.
while it may be true, as
I once was told, you can’t
live in paradise
the idea of working
in step with the passage
of seasonal light, might just
make our eviction a touch easier
to take, cups of coffee
and incoming tide
while words surface
from dark currents

tui, korimako sing in branches
along the shoreline, I prepare
my line and bait – listening
it is difficult to tell
if Tangaroa has requested
elegy or laughter from
their notes

two days after full moon
she’s on the rise again
from behind the hill
above Mistletoe Bay, the hare
leaps, the cow jumps over
the old man has gone lunar
from where I lie, she’s
the only light on the planet

there’s that old man lifting
from behind the hill again
the difference is
I am free to come and go

she has him chained
to the other side of darkness
strung out across mountains
and craters, beyond
my help

pulling the tide
twice a day to skyward, like
Sisyphus and his everlasting

wind, rain
before a still night
clouds play moonlit
games, flicking
light over Nukutere
anchored above
her reflection

seeing this sleight of hand
an insomniac’s trade off

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